House Rules

Good etiquette here is all about hospitality.  I’ll be a generous host; you be a gracious guest.  As long as you can behave yourself, you’re welcome to hang out and talk as long as you like.

For the first few weeks it’ll be just me trying to get the hang of things, but sooner rather than later I’d like to have frequent guest contributions.  If you have an idea for something you’d like to write about, shoot me an email at with a brief description of what you had in mind.  We’ll work out the details from there.  Also, if I hear about one of you doing something really cool, I might solicit a contribution from you myself.  So look out for that.

Commenters: passion is always admirable, but I’d prefer it be coupled with humility and generosity towards others.  Good hospitality here is the rule of thumb: if you’re not sure how to do that, watch closely until you figure it out.  Generally, I prefer comments that are more than just a thumbs up (“Hey, great post!”) or thumbs down (“This is stupid.”) and which actually make a contribution to the discussion.  So you thought this was interesting—what, particularly, did you find fascinating?  So you disagree—what would you propose instead?  So you agree—great!  What would you add?


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