Friday Link Roundup

Um, yes, I really am geeky enough to do this.  Here’s your weekend reading, if you find yourself bored.  All you college kids are done with school now, so what else are you gonna do?

Dr. Beck wants to free American Christians from stockholm syndrome.

NYT Mag: What Was the Hipster?

Do real men cuddle?

What’s going on with the Church in China?  A glimpse:

China-watchers in the church should now be looking for another book, one that cannot quite yet be written, namely a study of the rapid growth of Christianity in the intellectual and governing communities over the past twenty years. By a great irony of history, “true-believer Marxism” has been a precursor, a John the Baptist, to Christianity among cultural élites. In these circles one finds an increasingly vibrant, intelligent faith that has more in common with the Christianity of Roman antiquity just before Constantine than it does with anything currently Western. This major development, uncharted in the present work, is a source of great hope for our Chinese brothers and sisters. For ourselves it may prove an interesting challenge.

Finally: a chart of contradictions in the Bible.


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