My Friend Noah is Smart

My friend Noah, one of the few people I know not on Facebook, started blogging during a trip to Rwanda this summer, and never stopped.  In his most recent post, he brings our attention to the communal, even national side of evil:

The point of this post is this: evil is not content to be resigned to the individual sphere of human affairs. It slithers its way into our communal consciousness, into our nations, our businesses, our churches, polluting every aspect of human life. Our culture values individual responsibility very highly, but in doing so runs the risk of missing the ways that these communal systems have been infiltrated by the evil rampant among us. Not one is righteous, writes St. Paul, and it is so: no individual, nation, or denomination is without blemish. May we be given the grace to remove the blinders of unquestioning patriotism and condemn evil in its every form, at home and abroad. May we be given the grace confess our guilt and set out down the long path of healing.



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